Dr Glenn Gomez
MB BS (Hons)
FRACS (Orthopaedics)

Advanced Orthopaedic Surgery, Rockhampton
To make a Booking:
07 4922 1335

Patient Info

You will usually be admitted to hospital on the day of your operation. It is important that you bring ALL x rays and imaging with you on the day.

Hospital staff will generally contact you the day before surgery to confirm your admission time.

It is essential that you have fasted (nothing past your lips- food or fluid) for 6 hours prior to surgery. This includes drinking, chewing gum etc.

An exception is the taking of your usual medications (especially heart, blood pressure and reflux tablets) with a small sip of water. Blood thinning medications and anti-inflammatories, including Aspirin, will be stopped 5-7 days before surgery.

You must remove all jewellery, body piercings and nail polish before surgery.

Your anaesthetist will meet you on the day to discuss the most appropriate, and safest, method of anaesthesia and pain management for your operation and post operative period. This is usual a general (asleep), or spinal (numb from the waist down), anasethetic. They will be happy to discuss any questions you may have at this time.

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